Ciate Velvet Manicure – Full Scoop

What is it?

An interesting take on the standard colour manicure. This features a plain base colour and a bottle of matching coloured loose velvet that is shaken over the wet nails and left to set to create a real velvet look and feel to the nails.



How does it work?

As with any standard manicure, you would shape the nail, paint on a base coat and then use the coloured polish that comes with this kit and apply two coats.

While the second coat is still wet, shake the bottle of matching coloured loose velvet over each wet nail using the tray placed directly underneath the nails to catch the any velvet that misses the nails.

Allow the velvet to set for 15 minutes before using the small brush provided to brush the excess velvet into the tray. There is NO need to apply a top coat as this takes away the look and feel of the velvet on the nails.



I honestly think this is a really cool idea and a much less bold than Ciate’s Caviar Manicure which I’m sure you’ve all seen!

It looks expensive and feels just like velvet.

I do however, have a few points to make.

I had this done by a professional at a photoshoot on Thursday, it is now Sunday.

First of all, although I did not do the application myself, it was still extremely messy, had I done it myself I am certain it would have been far worse! To coat the entire nail you really do have to shake a vast amount of the loose velvet all over the nails and no matter how good your aim is, your hand WILL get covered in it.

Secondly, even if you coat your hands/fingers/nails in this messy stuff, you will miss bits.

Not necessarily, on the main central part of the nail but getting all around the edges of the colour is tricky and once set the velvet does comes off.

I have found the velvet started to come off after only a couple of hours of wearing it, and I was being careful for fear this might happen. I have also found that it doesn’t come off evenly on both hands.

As is logical, the nails on my right hand are much barer than my left hand because I am right handed and so I use this hand an awful lot more than my left.

The last point I have to make is this; the velvet manicure is not very practical.

Most girls I’m sure love a bit of something different and I adore how this looks on my nails, it’s chic, it’s expensive looking and it is completely different to anything else I’ve seen but it just doesn’t stay looking this great for very long.

In reality, its like wearing carpet on your nails; stuff gets on it and that stuff stains it.

I have been no messier than usual at applying my everyday make up and yet I have patches of velvet nails that are now tainted with the shade of my foundation … Not so pretty.


Worth the Money?

If you have a special event then this is great! I will be buying this when it hits the UK but I will be saving it for parties/events etc as it only stays looking tip top for a couple days.

I do honestly love how it looks and feels but for every day wear, it’s messy to apply and impractical if you want it to stay looking nice.

I believe this set is not yet available in the UK but will be at some point this month. The set will be exclusive to Selfridges and I believe it’s going to be around the £15 mark.

This product is, however, available now from Sephora.

MAC Hey, Sailor! Collection

The Collection

Hello beauties!

So I’ve been keeping an eye out for this collection for a while now and am so excited to get my hands on some of these gorgeous items! Every year MAC launches a huge summer collection and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one as the last few smaller ones haven’t really got me very excited. I have prepared this post for you just so you can get a better idea of what you might want to get. Enjoy!

The Product List is as follows:

MAC Hey, Sailor Lipstick (LE)

  • Red Racer – Bright yellow red (satin)
  • To Catch a Sailor – Highly frosted tan (frost)
  • Salute! – Neutral peach (amplified)
  • Sail la Vie – Bright mid-tone orange (satin)

MAC Hey, Sailor Lipglass (LE)

  • Cut Loose – White gold with pearl
  • Orange Tempera – Pale peach (Repromote)
  • Riviera Life – Bright tangerine
  • Blessedly Rich – Pale coral
  • Send Me Sailing – Bright yellow red

MAC Hey, Sailor Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil (LE)

  • Saunter – Pale beige nude
  • Throw Me a Line! – Bright true red
  • Shore Leave Light – vibrant coral

MAC Hey, Sailor Eyeshadow (LE)

  • Crystal Avalanche – White with Reflects (veluxe Pearl) (Permanent)
  • Barefoot – Tarnished Gold (veluxe pearl)
  • Jaunty – Light yellow brown (frost)
  • Feeling Fresh – Bright green (frost)
  • Nautical – Navy Blue (satin)

MAC Hey, Sailor Pigments (LE)

  • Old Gold – High frosted tarnished gold (frost) (Permanent)
  • Naval Blue – Deep smoky blue (frost) (Permanent, PRO)

MAC Hey Sailor Powerpoint Eye Pencil (LE)

  • Hand Forged – Metallic yellow gold (Repromote)
  • Emerald Sea – Kelly Green

MAC Hey Sailor, Bronzing Powder

  • Soft Sand – Golden bronze with fine gold pearl
  • Refined Golden – Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish (Permanent)
  • Blue Stripe – Dark navy

MAC Hey, Sailor Pro Long Wear Bronzing Powder

  • Naked On Board – Bronzy, yellow tone
  • Sun Dipped – Dirty red tone

MAC Hey, Sailor Powder Blush

  • Launch Away! – True peach (Satin)
  • Fleet Fast – Pinky, gold coral (satin)

MAC Hey, Sailor Nail Lacquer

  • Vestral White – Creamy white (cream) (Repromote)
  • Touch of Red – Bright yellow red (cream)
  • Gold Knot – Brass gold (frost)

MAC Hey, Sailor To the Beach Body Oil

  • Seaside- Dirty Blushy pink with multidimensional sparkles
  • Man Rays – Glowing tan with gold shimmer multidimensional

MAC Hey, Sailor Suntint SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm

  • Sea Mist – Peachy nude with pearl multi-dimensional
  • Rose Au – Poppy Coraly pink with gold pearl
  • Abalone – See through with no hot pink pearl
MAC Hey, Sailor Brush 167SH Face Blender
MAC Hey, Sailor Zoom Lash Waterfast Lash Mascara
MAC Hey, Sailor Waterfast Black
MAC Hey, Sailor Gone Sailing Makeup Bag Set
MAC Hey, Sailor Dead Gone Sailing
Seperate Product Shots
Sail La Vie Bright mid-tone orange (Satin)
Salute! Neutral peach (Amplified) 
To Catch a Sailor Highly frosted tan (Frost)
Red Racer Bright yellow red (Satin) 
Cut Loose White gold with pearl
Orange Tempera Pale peach (Repromote)
Blessedly Rich Pale coral
Riviera Life Bright tangerine
Send Me Sailing Bright yellow red
Throw Me a Line Bright true red
Saunter Pale nude beige
Shore Leave Light vibrant coral
Sea Mist Peachy nude with multidimensional pearl
Au Rose Poppy coral pink with gold pearl
Abalone See through hot pink with no pearl
Crystal Avalanche White with reflects (Veluxe Pearl) (Permanent)
Barefoot Tarnished gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Jaunty Light yellow beige (Frost)
Feeling Fresh Bright green (Frost)
Nautical Navy blue (Satin)
Verstral White Cream white (Cream) (Repromote)
Gold Knot Brass gold (Frost)
Touch of Red Bright yellow red (Cream)
Seaside Dirty blush pink with multidimensional sparkle
Man Rays Glowing tan with multidimensional golden shimmer
Soft Sand Golden bronze with fine gold pearl
Refined Golden Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish (Permanent)
Nude on Board Bronzy, yellow tone
Sun Dipped Dirty red tone
( these are the Pro Longwear Bronzing Powders)
Launch Away!  True peach (Satin)                                                                                                                                                                 Fleet Fast  Pinky, gold coral (satin)

 Crew Off white with pale pink, purple and peach stripes (This is just an overspray! It does not go through the depth of the whole product)
Zoom Waterfast Lash
Pigment – Old Gold True yellow gold, frost (permanent)
                        Naval Blue Shimmery deep navy blue
Powerpoint Eye Pencils – Emerald Sea Emerald green      
                                                            Blue Stripe Deep navy blue
                                                            Handforged Dirty gold
I have just ordered the products I wanted from this line so a post with reviews and swatches will be up as soon as i get my order in 🙂
These products are available at some department stores, free standing Mac and Mac Pro stores and of course online.

BeautyUK Pearl Eyeliners

What Are They?

 Long-lasting liquid eyeliners that come in 8 beautiful shades.

The Review:

These liners are easy to apply and last a very long time and with 8 colours to choose from there is something for everyone. There is a pointed felt tip type brush which makes application easy and accurate, however, these liners do apply quite wet so I found it best to apply where I wanted to, wait ten seconds and apply again to really get a vibrant colour.

The eyeliner lasted all day and even the night as well! I also found it fairly difficult to take off with just a wipe which works with a lot of other eyeliners i’ve tried, however, to me this is a good thing as these liners i’m certain would be waterproof. To remove properly I found the best way was to put eye make up remover on a cotton pad, place over the eye for a few seconds and then start to remove the liner.

Worth The Money?

At £3.49 each these liquid liners are excellent value for money considering the range of colours available and the quality of the product. This product is available at Superdrug and BeautyUK’s website :