Quick Update :)

Just to let you all know, I have just started doing youtube videos which I will try to post on here.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be doing written posts, I will be doing both from now on.


If you would like to subscribe to my youtube channel here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/user/xtoomuchblushx


Happy veiwing! xxx

Favourite Nail Products!

Favourite Nail Products:

Hi guys, so I thought I would just do a quick post on what nail products I use on a regular basis regardless of what colour I’m painting them. Here is a round up of the base, quick dry, top coats and any other sort of nail care products that I always have to hand. I don’t pretend to be hugely qualified in nail knowledge but for photoshoots I do like to keep mine in good condition and a nice length.



Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat:



This is just a really nice, inexpensive, quick drying base coat. Works really well, doesn’t let any of the colour i’m wearing stain my nails and dries really quickly. This is available on the highstreet in Superdrug/Boots and larger supermarkets with a make up section. It’s also under £10 yay!



Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat:

I absolutely love this stuff, leaves my nails nice and shiny and the colour lasts so much longer without chipping. Typically this lets my polish last a good 4/5 day without a single chip and that’s pretty good going for me! This is more expensive than my other recommendations but to me, if it works well then it’s worth the money. I believe this one is around £14 and available from Essie’s website or Boots.



Revlon Liquid Quick Dry:



I’ve done a full review on this product and it’s definitely a staple for me now. If you’re impatient like me and often find you smudge your nail polish having not waited long enough for it to dry this is AMAZING. This dries your nails in about 90 seconds and is only £6.49. It’s available on the highstreet from Superdrug, Boots or larger chain supermarkets with a make up section.


The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil:



I don’t have particularly dry or problematic cuticles but I regularly use this oil as it’s hassle free thanks to the pen/brush applicator. Keeps your nail area looking healthy and moisturised, plus there’s a gentle rubber cuticle pusher on the lid. Two in one yay! This is available from The Body Shop for £7.


Revlon Liquid Quick Dry



What is it?

A liquid, brush on oil that dries wet nails in less than a couple of minutes.


The Review

This product is a life saver for me, I like to paint my nails but I’m also very impatient when it comes to letting them dry for long enough. It’s easy to use and absolutely amazing!

Just paint your nails as usual and apply your top coat, allow this dry for about 30secs just so it’s not super wet and lightly brush on the Liquid Quick Dry.

This is a a runny liquid as it’s a fairly thin oil so you do not need to really push the brush as you brush on the product. I find that roughly three, quick, light strokes coats the nail and after about 90secs it’s completely dry and has no effect on the polish’s ‘natural’ finish.


Worth the Money?

A nail technician at a photoshoot the other week used it on me so of course, if it’s good enough for a pro then this stuff definitely is worth the money!

It works really well and is hardly an investment buy at £6.49 – compared to some of the other ones out there from brands such as OPI it’s an absolute bargain.

This product is widely available on the highstreet from places such as Boots and Superdrug and most larger chain supermarket with a make up section:



Ciate Velvet Manicure – Full Scoop

What is it?

An interesting take on the standard colour manicure. This features a plain base colour and a bottle of matching coloured loose velvet that is shaken over the wet nails and left to set to create a real velvet look and feel to the nails.



How does it work?

As with any standard manicure, you would shape the nail, paint on a base coat and then use the coloured polish that comes with this kit and apply two coats.

While the second coat is still wet, shake the bottle of matching coloured loose velvet over each wet nail using the tray placed directly underneath the nails to catch the any velvet that misses the nails.

Allow the velvet to set for 15 minutes before using the small brush provided to brush the excess velvet into the tray. There is NO need to apply a top coat as this takes away the look and feel of the velvet on the nails.



I honestly think this is a really cool idea and a much less bold than Ciate’s Caviar Manicure which I’m sure you’ve all seen!

It looks expensive and feels just like velvet.

I do however, have a few points to make.

I had this done by a professional at a photoshoot on Thursday, it is now Sunday.

First of all, although I did not do the application myself, it was still extremely messy, had I done it myself I am certain it would have been far worse! To coat the entire nail you really do have to shake a vast amount of the loose velvet all over the nails and no matter how good your aim is, your hand WILL get covered in it.

Secondly, even if you coat your hands/fingers/nails in this messy stuff, you will miss bits.

Not necessarily, on the main central part of the nail but getting all around the edges of the colour is tricky and once set the velvet does comes off.

I have found the velvet started to come off after only a couple of hours of wearing it, and I was being careful for fear this might happen. I have also found that it doesn’t come off evenly on both hands.

As is logical, the nails on my right hand are much barer than my left hand because I am right handed and so I use this hand an awful lot more than my left.

The last point I have to make is this; the velvet manicure is not very practical.

Most girls I’m sure love a bit of something different and I adore how this looks on my nails, it’s chic, it’s expensive looking and it is completely different to anything else I’ve seen but it just doesn’t stay looking this great for very long.

In reality, its like wearing carpet on your nails; stuff gets on it and that stuff stains it.

I have been no messier than usual at applying my everyday make up and yet I have patches of velvet nails that are now tainted with the shade of my foundation … Not so pretty.


Worth the Money?

If you have a special event then this is great! I will be buying this when it hits the UK but I will be saving it for parties/events etc as it only stays looking tip top for a couple days.

I do honestly love how it looks and feels but for every day wear, it’s messy to apply and impractical if you want it to stay looking nice.

I believe this set is not yet available in the UK but will be at some point this month. The set will be exclusive to Selfridges and I believe it’s going to be around the £15 mark.

This product is, however, available now from Sephora.

Accessorize 3D Glitter Polish


What are they?

These are glitter nail polishes that come in a good range of colours. They contained small, finely milled glitter and some larger glitter in a different colour.

The Review

The colour I have is called Dream and is a gorgeous bright medium blue with bigger chunks of purple glitter. After 2 coats the colour was even and solid, after 3 it looked amazing!

Now three coats may seem like a lot but I did 3 thin coats and the joy of this polish is that it dries VERY quickly. A good even coverage can easily be achieved with just 2.

My gorgeous blue glitter mani lasted me a whole week without chipping (I used Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top coat) which I thought was brilliant.

Here’s what it looks like on my nails :


Worth the Money?

All polishes by Accessorize are £4 each which I feel is a real bargain! These are definitely a good purchase if you love the glitter polishes by OPI and alike but refuse to pay the price tag of around the £10 mark for a single polish.

A wide variety of colours are available and the price is great for the quality of the product.

These are available from Accessorize shops and online.