Clarisonic Mia – initial thoughts

What is it?

A deep cleansing skin brush that cleans deep into pores. I have the lavender one, however, other colours are available.


Initial thoughts?

I use this as instructed by the booklet that comes with it, it does come with the clarisonic cleanser but I prefer to stick to my lovely Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

I first remove my make up with a combination of a wipe and eye make up remover. This is IMPORTANT – the clarisonic mia (and the other clarisonics) are for CLEANSING the skin and are not designed for removing make up. Besides from this I’m sure no one wants a dirty brush head!

After removing my make up I then apply my cleanser to my face evenly, wet the brush head, turn it on and move the clarison mia over my skin gently in circular motions. It will turn itself off after 1 minute.

You are advised to use the brush for 20secs on your nose and chin, 20secs on your forehead and 10secs on each cheek.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now and have found my skin is brighter, clearer and softer. So far I am absolutely loving it!!


Full review of this product will be up in a few weeks in order to be able to give a detailed review 🙂

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