Top 10 Bright MAC Eyeshadows


This is a bright gold frosty shade ideal for a brighter look, this can be paired with greens or teals for a tropical look or with a medium/dark brown in the crease for a night time look.


This is a bright matt orange shade that works well with brons for an autumn look or if you’re feeling a bit bolder then you could go for a medium deep purple in the crease and outer corner for a bright dramatic effect.

Free To Be

This is a matt soft pink, suitable for a soft, girly daytime look or good for blending out brighter colours in the crease. You could even put Carbon in the outer corner for a a really bold look,

Creme de Violet

This is a pinkish, bright violet shade with a slight gold shimmer, this shadow is ideal to use when creating a purple smokey eye.


This shade is another lovely pinkish violet that would look lovely on brown eyes.


This is a deep true green colour goes well with browns for a semi neutral look.


Tis is a vivid green with shimmer. This is basically just a great colour to have a play and experiment with, it may sound a bit odd but it looks very pretty pared with purples.


This is a gorgeous shimmery minty teal colour which is very pretty on its own blended out all over the lid.

Electric Eel

This is a very bright blue with subtle shimmer, I like to use this shade as a bright liner along the lash line or if you really like to stand out then you could pair it with Aquadisiac for a bit of a tropical look.

Atlantic Blue

This is a matt ,bright violet blue shade, this a a more cool toned blue and looks far less scary when paired with a taupe/brown colour.

2 responses

    • I think she is brilliant and so when she did a video on her recommendations a long time ago I purchased them.

      I don’t feel we should all have different opinions rather than just being truthful, I don’t put ANYTHING on here that isn’t true to me.
      Maybe I feel she was right and therefore since I purchased her suggestions and have been using them for a few years myself, I feel they are good suggestions too.

      I’m more worried about giving my honest opinion than people thinking it’s lame for me to have the same opinion as someone else – maybe these really are just great bright colours to go for!

      Thanks for your comment though- I don’t shy away from constructive criticism.

      I’m updating the post you commented on soon anyway, so if that one bored you maybe you’ll like the new one better as the other one is old now!

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